Thursday, February 5, 2009

Faithfully Courageous

***I intended to post this on Thursday,February 5th, but the internet was down and I'm just getting back to it...either way, I am so proud of my 4 year old son!***

"Rourke, remember when you're 4, no more blankie." Rourke, "Yep, because I'll be bigger." Anthony, "Should we put it in the fireplace?" Rourke, "No, how about if we give it to someone else." Teary eyed me, "Rourke, that is so sweet! That would definitely honor God."

Today is Rourke's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday to my sweet little man. 4?! Seriously? I'm sure I will be even more shocked by how quickly the time flies by when he's 14 or 40.

Since now he is big and 4, some of the things Rourke thinks 4 year olds do are drive, take mommy on a date and pay, not use a blankie anymore, & give up thumb sucking. I'm looking forward to those dates!

Rourke has a good head on his shoulders as evidenced by another recent conversation:

Grandpa, "Rourke, what are you going to be when you grow up?" Rourke, "I want to be a daddy just like my daddy."

We continue to pray Rourke Jonathan's name, that he will grow to be a faithfully courageous man!