Ways to Help

We could not manage any of this without the love and support of our friends and family.  There are a few ways to help.  Your prayers and words of encouragement are always appreciated.  We know God is the ultimate healer and your petitions on Esther's behalf are a tremendous gift to us!

Donate Blood or Platelets
Esther has had many, many blood and platelet transfusions.  We have seen these transfusions literally save her life.  She has had several bloody noses that would not stop apart from platelets, her body could literally not stop the bleeding without a platelet transfusion.  Platelets are fragile cells and only last five days.  It is not possible to develop a supply, so platelet donors are always needed.  It is easier to donate and store blood, but that is also needed.

You can read about the basic guidelines and hours on the Children's Colorado Blood Donor website or you can call the center at 720-777-5398.  Unfortunately they are closed on the weekend, but if you can make a weekday work, it will save a life.  Donating is free and only requires a little bit of your time!

Support Brent's Place
We have the gift of being near to the hospital through Brent's Place.  Our stay has been given to us free of charge.  It is a tremendous blessing.  There are several ways to help Brent's place.  They have a supply list, volunteer opportunities, and always can use financial donations.  Visit their website to learn about the ways to support us, and many other families, through Brent's Place.

Care Calendar
We have a care calendar.  While we are in Denver and Esther's health is so fragile, we have needed to limit our exposure to viruses, so we have suspended the calendar for a couple months.  As Esther recovers and has a renewed ability to fight viruses, we will reopen the care calendar.  Contact us at victoriousishername@gmail.com and we'll send you an email when a new calendar is available.

Donate Toward Esther's Care
We have set up a paypal donation account to help cover the expenses of Esther's care and missed work.

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