Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Mommy, Good thing you're a doctor."

Last night we had an EPIC wrestling match.

Ding, Ding!  Meet contender #1:

Rourke's beloved Glo Bear was a gift from my mom, Manga, about the time Zinnia & Esther were born.  He loves this bear...big time.  Glo Bear looks all soft & cuddly, but he's packed full of muscles, a protector of other stuffed animals in the Alvarado home. 

Next in the ring, contender #2 and Glo Bear's team mate:

Ding, ding!  El Siete: He is seven and a fierce competitor.   Don't be fooled by the tooth that hasn't come in yet, he's already manned his way through the 4 that pierced right through his gums.

Finally, a worthy opponent.  A competitor unmatched in strength and valor.  My husband....

*The crowd gasps*  Rourke and Glo Bear were not afraid of such a competitor knowing that he's actually quite nice and this crazy picture was taken while we were on our 10th anniversary trip to Glenwood Springs just after midnight as we got out of the pool and it was about 4 degrees, but as you can see, even frigid air does not intimate this luchador.


The Siete/Glo Bear team were in and out of the ring holding their own against el Loco.  Glo Bear got into a bit of trouble and was reaching for a tag from his partner when suddenly a cry like I've never heard took over the ring.  Tragedy had struck...

In the heat of battle, Glo Bear lost his head.  Terror, grief, tears, the crowd was silent...except the broken heart of a 7 year old and the muffled giggles coming from a mom and dad who find the whole situation a bit humorous.

"Mom, can you fix him?" gasped a sad seven year old.

"Of course!  Let's go!" I reassured my boy and we hugged and then raced to the operating room.  My faithful nurse assisted with surgery, saying "Mom, good thing you're a doctor."  Yes, good thing indeed.

 It was a tense situation but Glo Bear made it out whole and was reunited with his teammate.  

Glo Bear's recovery time was immediate.  Within 5 minutes he had assembled all the stuffed animals on his behalf and El Siete organized with the lovely ladies of the Fab Four.  Loco Luchador didn't stand a chance.