Monday, September 9, 2013

You give me femur...

Ahahaha! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Now we'll be singing like Elvis about fevers all night. But tonight, I do mean femur.

As in BROKEN FEMUR. The biggest, strongest bone in your body.

Esther was standing on a small step stool in the bathroom at the sink and she slipped off. I was upstairs in the kitchen and heard a strange scream. My kids enjoy dramatic play and their dollies are always in some precarious circumstances crying for help and for a second I thought it was play. As soon as I got down stairs I found 4 wide eyed kids pointing at a very distraught Esther. She was sitting on the floor and her right leg was bent a little strangely underneath her body.

When I picked her up I knew something was very wrong, but was hoping for a dislocation or something not so bad. Thankfully my sister lives up the street, Rourke ran up to get some help, I loaded Esther in the van, Robin took the kids, and we headed to the ER in Ft. Collins.

Esther is my hero. She is so strong and brave. She only was crying when I moved her, otherwise she was just breathing through her pain. Long, deep breaths. Guys, when they brought a portable x-ray machine and she had to move and straighten her leg...she did. On her own. And didn't cry. With a broken femur.

It was a bit of a jumble, and we were expecting to be taken down to Children's in Denver. Our friends' son broke his femur a few weeks ago and had to go down for the surgery. There was pediatric orthopedic trauma surgeon on call today who was ready to fix Esther's leg. After several phone calls to the oncology clinic and Esther's obvious terrible pain, we decided to go ahead with the surgery.

She now has a plate and 6 screws in the bone. They will need to come out in about 4 months. The surgeon said no walking for about 2 weeks.

We are at Poudre Valley Hospital tonight, and the kids came to say goodnight. That was nice. But Esther was a bit sad when she asked who might be her nurse tomorrow and listed off names of nurses in Denver. Sweet girl.

She said her dolly has a broken leg like she does.


She said to me,"oh wait, we are sad I have a broken leg. I should make a sad face." Silly girl. She's loaded up to manage her pain.

Esther's scans will be rescheduled. I'm not sure when, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. She is so sweet! Hope you guys get a little rest tonight! (Hope they gave you a big room :) I'm confident they will take great care of you! Wish I could be there too! Oh, I do miss my job a little, I think! Make sure she gets a book from the library before she leaves in the toy room! And check out the fun animals on the wall before you leave :) (That was my project...) Love you!

  2. Feel better soon sweet girl. You are one amazing and brave little soul!!!

  3. I was so sad to read about this yesterday and pray she (and you) slept good and that her recovery is quick. What a little toughie, but seriously it's time for her to get a break. Hang in there Esther, we'll be praying you through this too!

  4. Esther is tough as nails!!!!! I' SO sorry for this added hospital visit / life stressor. Praying for extra grace and strength in the next weeks while she heals.

  5. Oh my goodness gracious! What a brave, tough girl you have there. Praying for the pain to ease quickly and the break to heal completely.