Sunday, September 8, 2013

On Going Bald

I recently found a brush in a bag of treasured things I had planned to keep.  It was one of those really inexpensive brushes with lots of tiny plastic bristles that just fills your hair with static.  I was racking my brain how it got there.  As I got further in I found another little clear bag, with soft, brown ringlets.

And then I remembered why I had kept that brush.  

That was the brush we bought in the hospital gift shop because I had forgotten a brush when Esther had to ride in the ambulance.  It was the brush that ended up in the hospital suitcase, the brush I used for hours as I brushed and brushed those little brown ringlets off of my sweet girls little head and into piles, most of which ended up in a trash can.

I was carried right into that hospital room on the 8th floor.  Ricardo, Julie, and Stella were Esther's nurses that stay where she made it home for a few hours before another fever brought us back the same day.  She was afraid she was going to look like a boy and wouldn't let me cut her hair.  A child life specialist gave Esther a barbie to cut the hair off.  That barbie was also contained in this bag.  I felt like I couldn't breathe as I looked at the ragged hair on the doll.  I tried to throw it away this weekend, but ended up packing it away with the brush and ringlets of hair.

At the time, it wasn't so emotional for Esther to lose her hair.  I think I was just in the shock of diagnosis and didn't want to make a big deal out of it for her sake.  It certainly helped that she was the cutest sparkly green eyed, bald, little girl.

The St. Baldrick's Shave-A-Thon is in less than two weeks.  I took a look at the roster and discovered several new names added to the list of shavees.  That is really brave.  Really bold.  I'm already beaming with pride over those men, women, and children who are going to shave their heads in honor, support, and for the cure of kids like Esther.  She said she wanted to give some of her hats to the people who shave their heads.  That's quite the incentive.

Dad, Robin, Casey, Amelia, Delaney, Remington, Rafe, Benson, Mitch, Katherine, Jasmine, Dave, Andrew & Kyle, we will be there to rally around you!  Who's going to join them?  Can you support one of these brave people shaving their heads?!  Click where it says, "View Participants" here to see the awesome volunteers and shavees.  Given the flood of emotion found in a brush and barbie, I don't think we're ready to have even healthy bald headed kiddos in our house.  So for this time the Alvarado family will be there with cheers and probably tears.  

Another cool thing that is happening to support this event is through the Grow With Me Sale.  This is the Ft. Collins Parents of Multiples Club amazing consignment sale that is so near to my heart.  This club has been a huge support to us over the last year, taking donations for our family at the sale last fall, keeping everyone updated on Esther, and packing the walls of Chick-Fil-A.  .  Some of my sweetest friends have come from this group of parents, and I miss them terribly.  I was slotted to be the president last year, but was unable.  A very kind friend stepped up and added my role to her already very full plate.

The sale this Friday and Saturday will be a bit brighter because they are going to be sporting gold ribbons, and there will be a display to help create awareness and offer a bit of education about Childhood Cancer.  They are also going to take donations at the checkout for St. Baldrick's.

Over and over we have been so humbled by the generosity and heart shown to our family.  This shave-a-thon is another example of that.  We know it's not easy to shave your head.  There are a million great causes the Grow With Me Sale could support.  Thank you for doing this in support of Esther and for kids like her.


  1. I have come across emotional triggers too. It can be painful to go back in time, but in that moment I am so thankful for the Lord's mercy on Andy (and Esther too). You're going to have an amazing team for St. Baldricks! Wish we could be in Colorado to support and cheer on those shavees. We hope to go to the local event here next year (it's usually in May or June).

  2. From one bald warrior to another, bald is beautiful! And if Esther promises, she can brush my hair when it comes back in. Blessings to you all! xoxo Andrea H.