Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Cows Are Rejoicing

The petting zoo was a great place for kids to hang out
while one parent ordered food & got a table.
There were bunnies, goats, a calf, a lamb, and some chicks.  
Wow.  Seriously.  You guys showed up in a big way today.  What a blessing, what a gift.  I got reports of people eating all three meals at Chick-Fil-A today!  People drove from Denver to eat dinner and join in the crowd!

Two of my cousins came for lunch and said it was really busy.  One friend posted about the Chick-Fil-A day on facebook saying, "Let's blow this thing up."  Dinner was fireworks!
The kids and I got there about 4:30.  I was hoping to avoid a big crowd and the restaurant was pretty slow.  There were two friendly and kind women greeting people as they came in the door to remind people to say they were there for Esther.  As stranger after stranger entered the doors saying Esther was the reason they were there, I was humbled.  Coupled with the faces of people we've known and loved for years, I was sort of speechless.

I stood on a chair in the back corner 
of the room to take this picture.  
 The line wrapped like a horseshoe around the room.  
It seemed to move quickly & everyone 
was great sports.  
I hope you met someone new! 
The room quickly filled and a line began to form.  At one point I was taking Lydia & Francesca to the bathroom and people I have never met stopped me to say that they have been praying and they are happy to be there tonight.  It felt funny to say, "Nice to meet you," when in many ways we are not strangers, you have invested in our lives, know our hearts, love our family.

While we may not get to know you on this side of eternity, in heaven there is unending time to know about your life, your heart, your family.  You are prayed for to a God who hears, who knows all about you, who loves you and will no, not, never leave you or forsake you.  His promises are as true for our lives as they are for anyone else's.

The kids were so proud to be expert chick holders,
knowing just how to hold them gently.
Rourke was like a fly buzzing around,
he wouldn't sit still for a second.
Zinnia is terrified of animals
and clung to my neck the entire time.  
We have never met many of you reading this blog, yet you came to support our family.  What a display of unity.  For everyone who came to stand in line together, wait for tables together, enjoy the petting zoo and face painting with such a cheerful attitude is such a blessing and a display of community!  No one came today who didn't want to be there, nothing was out of duty or obligation.  Thank you.

I hope you were blessed tonight and excited to be part of such a gift in our lives.  Would you please take a minute to thank the Lord for all the people who worked hard to serve all of us with kindness and for the generosity of the company?  Those people still made sure we know it is "my pleasure" to serve us and they had to be tired at the end of the day.

Also, thank you to the face painters from Best Face Painter and the petting zoo crew.  If anyone knows who put together that petting zoo, would you let me know?  I'll leave their contact information here.

**UPDATE**  This petting zoo crew, Colorado Carriage, is incredible.  They came with only a few hours to notice because something else happened with the one that was lined up.  They came for free and donated all the tips to our family.  They also do carriage rides in Old Town Fort Collins & in Estes Park.  Thank you, Colorado Carriage.  What a generous gift to our family!

Chick-Fil-A set up a tent at the entrance
and the face painters had their cart &tables packed with cute little canvases.
They do really great work!  
These are my sister's adorable butterfly, batgirl, and wide receiver.  
Esther and Anthony had a busy day at the hospital.  It took most of the day to get her into a hospital room and they spent the day in the infusion center.  Esther's chemo went ok, she did get sick, but once they were able to get some anti-nausea meds going through her IV, she did better throughout the evening.  She ate 3 popsicles for dinner.  She deserves it.  They made it to the 8th floor about 5:30, and I bet they have a pretty killer view of the changing leaves.  Tomorrow her entertainment will include these giggles...


  1. Sam we planned on going late since Calvin had soccer until 6:15. We got there at 6:50 ish and the line was looped all the way thru the restaurant tables we were in line at the doors going out side and looped the whole store inside. Well yes I did lunch as well with my brother and mom. The kids were sad that one of the little babies is sick. They sure have fond memories of them.

  2. Crying sweet years of joy as i rejoice with all those cows! We sure love you guys and are remembering you in our prayers. Big hugs!!!

  3. Hooray for friends and family and support. This road is too long without it! I am so overjoyed for the outpouring of love you received. May He continue to fill you in the days ahead.

  4. Chik-fil-a never tasted so sweet. I had to stand in line for nearly 40 minutes and it was worth every second. The woman behind me was from the multiples club and said she had never met you, but was there to support Esther. That blew me away.