Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleeping In Their Own Beds

Anthony, Esther, and Rourke made it home and everyone is tired. Rourke enjoyed his weekend in the mountains cutting wood and sledding with his cousin Connor.

Esther had a day similar to yesterday and even made it home without getting sick in the car. Good driving, Daddy!

Lydia, Francesca, Zinnia, and I enjoyed our weekend, complete with tea, scones, dancing, finger and toe nail painting and lots of cleaning today to get things ready for the upcoming week of low counts. It was so nice to be home. We went to church church this morning, there were baptisms this morning. I could watch baptisms all day. Such a sweet proclamation of trust in Christ. 'Tis so sweet...

Tomorrow will be a trip to Denver for Esther's neulasta shot. This is the shot that helps her blood counts recover.

Prayers for health and no fevers would be great!

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