Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shaving Cream Fun

"I probably think my brother and sisters should come visit me.  Yeah, it probably will make my tummy feel better." 

Big grin 
 Wide eyed, blink, blink, blink
Flirting turn of the head

I probably think I'd say yes with all of that coaxing and probably think it would make her tummy better too.  So, I probably said yes.

 Anthony is at the hospital tonight and for the rest of the weekend.  Since he was coming down, the kids came for a visit.  Right when they got to Esther's room, the art therapist, Miss Pat, walked into Esther room armed with shaving cream.  We love Miss Pat, she is so fun and a benefit of being on the 7th floor.  She doesn't come to the 8th, so there's one W for 7th floor.  Esther wanted to lay back and rest, but the other kiddos dove right in, hospital gowns & all.  So fun!

Rourke's masterpiece ended up being a space shuttle, Saturn, Neptune and several satellites.   He loves outer space and astronauts.  Some very dear friends are moving next week to Huntsville, Alabama for a job with NASA. I think we'll have to visit them for space camp!

 Lydia and Frannie drew pumpkins, flowers, butterflies, and used their abstract art skills to makes storms and lots of texture.  Frannie was a shaving cream rubbing mad woman.  As fast at Miss Pat could mound it on her table space, she would rub it all away.

Oh, this girl...look at that face!  Zinnia is spunkny and fiesty and zesty and all those other words for  a three year old.  God give us grace to make up for the teaching and training that is lacking during this time!  She only wanted to rub...she didn't draw anything.  

Esther's tummy wasn't hurting as much today!  The no eating or drinking thing is helping to quiet her bowels and ease the pain.  Tomorrow they will try some clear liquids and see if she has any pain.  If not, they can try soft foods Saturday and solid foods Sunday.  It all depends on how her body tolerates it.  

She needed both a platelet and blood transfusion again today.  Oh, how I wish I could donate...if you can, donate!  Platelets are especially needed because they only last 5 days following a donation and it's impossible to really build up a stock.  You can donate at a hospital near you or you can call Children's 720-777-1234 and ask for the blood donor center.  

And if your kids are bored, give them a pile of shaving cream on a plate or you can put it right on a table, plastic works best.  These kids could've rubbed for HOURS.  Shaving cream is cheap, it'll clean your rings, and will make your house smell all freshly showered.  

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  1. What fun, and a welcome break for sweet Esther. Praying.