Monday, October 1, 2012

Mid Surgery Update--Silly Medicine

We are outside the waiting area watching the glass "alligator" as Esther calls them. Esther was a little scared this morning. We took two cars so Anthony's mom could head back to my mom's house as needed. I appreciated the date with Esther on the drive. Her favorite songs are The Mud Song by The Blackthorne Project and "I Love You" by Lecrae. I was DJ Sammy Sam and we sang together.

I suspected Esther's surgeon is a Christian and today I asked her about it. She said that this is and we asked if we could pray for her. I hope she was blessed and encouraged that many are lifting her up as she operates.

Entering the hospital is like fall daylight savings time, only you don't really gain an hour you'd enjoy. You gain an hour of waiting. Esther went back to the OR about noon. They gave her Verset before taking her back and the pleasure of watching it's effects have given us a giggle for the day.

They finished the anesthesia portion in about 45 minutes and called another hour later to let us know that everything is going well. We'll update on facebook, and we'll try to post some updates here as we get them. For now, enjoy the Silly Medicine.




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  1. Aaaw, giggling Esther before surgery = PRICELESS! Wow, that is so cool her doctor is Christian :) And I am sure she was blessed by your prayers :)