Thursday, October 11, 2012

Off To Chemo They Go

This is Esther's last round of regular chemo! She will still have chemo with her MIBG Therapy and then with her high dose, but this feels like an accomplishment.

This cycle is the same as she had toward the end of August. It is 4 inpatient days of chemo and will probably include a 5th day for hydration. It comes with a delayed nausea that is pretty intense. Please pray for her to handle it well and for her to have nurses who are really on top of her meds. Last time she had a great nurse for three days and it made a huge difference.

Zinnia didn't want to leave her breakfast as Anthony & Esther left this morning.
 She just asked where she was at in the picture and with tears has decided next time she'll join us.  

Anthony is going with Esther for the first few days. I'm excited to get some extra time with the kids, and I'm sure he will enjoy his time with Esther.

Today's the day at the Fort Collins Chick-Fil-A!  I think we'll go for an early dinner to avoid a big crowd, but what a day to "Eat Mor Chikin".  It is ALL DAY, just tell them you're there for Esther and the restaurant will donate 20% of the cost of your order to our family.  Thank you!


  1. So wish I could eat more choking with you! Praying against nausea and for fabulous nurses.