Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Words

We finally had a nice day today! Over the last few weeks it has been unpredictable and not very warm. The kids and I walked to the park with our friends, Jeanne & Ben. A coupleof weeks ago we started some seedlings. The kids had so much fun and got dirty!

The kiddos are verbal these days, but my favorite are those phrases that aren't quite right! Here's a sampling of some recently heard from the Alvarado girls:

"help-e-you": "help me"
"too-ta" or "tipa, tipa": tortilla
"sucka": Lydia's fond calling for her sister, "Francesca"
"hangaber": This has dual meaning: hamburger and booger
diapie: "diaper" but so cute. Especially when Francesca says, "mommy, change diapie"
oak or oakie: "Rourke"

Rourke is quite clear in his language and has begun to write letters...he has mastered A, H, J, R, and O!