Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Loved!

We are still in Denver tonight.   *Hopefully* we will be going home tomorrow morning.  This morning Esther's platelets were low again and she ended up needing another transfusion...that is 4 platelet transfusions in one week.  Yikes!  The doctor would like to know where her platelets are in the morning before discharging us.  I agree with this as we all want to avoid an emergency over the weekend.  So, if she's lowish again in the morning, she may have another transfusion.  Also, our primary doc changed her parameters to transfuse at a higher level than normal.  I appreciate the caution because we don't want such a scary bleed again.  Tonight she has been fever free so far.  Please pray she remains so!

Tonight in Fort Collins, well Loveland, really, there has been a ton of work going on.  Here's a picture of the drawing for Esther, isn't it amazing.  My friend, Kim, has been working so hard putting it all together and we are so blessed by all of the donated items.  Thank you!

So...if you want to check out the Grow With Me Kids Sale and see this amazing display for yourself, here's the skinny..

Free parking and admission
Friday, September 21, from 10am-8pm
Saturday, September 22,  from 9am-2pm
The Ranch in Loveland

I have to say, I am so sad to miss this sale.  I have made such dear friends through the process of helping grow the sale.  This has been a gift to me and I am thankful.  It's kind of neat, though, because in a way I am there.  I HOPE I can at least stop by to say hi.  

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  1. You were missed at the sale, for sure :) Praying you get to come home today! I continue to be encouraged by your faith and your heart through these situations.