Friday, September 7, 2012

Better Day & A Way To Help was a MUCH better day.  Still not a lot of eating and drinking, but no vomit.  Esther was awake and more chipper today than yesterday and is sleeping peacefully tonight.  We should be headed home tomorrow afternoon/early evening.  One specific thing to pray for is that Esther has had some diarrhea.  We expect to see her constipated with the chemos she's had this round.  I'm not too worried, but pray against infection.

Over the last 3 years I've had the opportunity to get to know a new group of friends.  It has been a gift to be apart of the Ft. Collins Parents of Multiples Club.  I have met some dear friends through this organization.  They have surrounded us with so much love and support.

I was supposed to be the club president this year.  It was a role I was so excited for as we've worked hard the last few years to place funds and structure that will be a real benefit to families with multiples.  I've been able to be a part of the effort to raise funds for the club through the Grow With Me Kids Sale.  This consignment sale has become near and dear to my heart as I've invested a lot of time and effort into its success, and I see it as such a ministry.  It's a place I've been able to serve, to love others, to express some of the talents God has given me, and it's a neat way for families to make and save money.

The next sale is in a couple weeks, September 21 & 22nd, at The Ranch in Loveland.  You can visit the website for all the details of when you can shop.  What I wanted to tell you about is something some of my sweet friends are organizing for Esther.

First, the sale has some volunteers who have offered to tag and put out any gently used baby, kids & maternity gear that is donated and they wanted to give the sales from these items to us to help with Esther's care.  If you have any baby, kids & maternity clothes or gear, you can donate it to the club to sell on Esther's behalf.  This is so sweet and a big effort.  If you don't have any stuff to give but want to help, you could volunteer at the sale.  Please email if you'd like to help by donating your stuff or to volunteer some time.

If that wasn't cool enough, there is going to be a raffle where shoppers can buy tickets for $1 to win a prize of their choice.  We are looking for family friendly businesses to offer products, services, gift certificates, etc. or handmade goods to raffle away.  If you have anything you could donate toward this effort, you can email me.  UPDATE:  These are some smart ladies, folks!  I just learned that if you don't have a business but would want to donate a gift certificate to raffle off, you can do that too.  

Finally, this is a great sale and community event  It's open to the public to shop or sell.  There is still lots of time if you'd like to sell.  It's a fundraiser for the Ft. Collins Parents of Multiples Club, the NICU at Poudre Valley Hospital, the March of Dimes, and our friends are so generously doing extra work to benefit Esther.


  1. Also, the coordinator has said that people can donate gift certificates to the raffle even if you aren't a business man or woman! SO many ways to love on Esther and others!

  2. What a great idea. I'm glad you still get to be involved a bit in the sale. We're praying for Esther lots, specially for it to never return and that Her treatments make it stay away.