Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sick, Sick, Sick Day

UPDATE: The video didn't does now.  SUPER cute!

Remember that halved dose of anti-nausea meds? Yeah, she needed that other half. This morning Esther began to throw up pretty much as soon as she woke up. She could't keep anything down. I asked to have her meds changed to IV doses rather than oral so that something would stay in. After giving her the first available med, benadryl, this is what Esther did for over 4 hours.
Look at that ROUND, without a bump head. I guess one perk of chemo is that you get to take sleeping pictures of your kids beyond the baby stage.
When she woke up, she had been given a full regime of meds but still threw up at the slightest bit of water, saltine, and even the smell of my dinner caused her to loose whatever bit of liquid was left in her tummy. I was both overwhelmed with heart break and adoration when she said, "I saw-we Mommy." When I asked her what she was sorry for she replied, "I saw-wee I frowed up too much today." I assured her it wasn't her fault and that I loved her even if she was "frowing up."

We brought some VBS videos and last night before all of this puking began, Esther ministered to me while she was singing these songs. Enjoy such cuteness and TRUTH! I was reminded on this sick, sick, sick day...

"You, You, You! You can trust God!"
"I've got to think, think, think. Think about the goodness of You, my God. Because I know, know, know, no matter how it feels, I've gotta trust in You. I will trust in You!"


  1. Loving and praying for all of you many miles away! I smiled at the part about children's christian songs ministering to your mommy soul. Truth is truth, and it will set us free! I have been
    "set free" so many times over the years as I have listened to my children sing their precious truth songs. Praying today is more peaceful for you all. Just know you are loved.:)

  2. Oh gosh, your little Esther is so adorable! Your blog has ministered to me so much as my son battles leukemia. We're praying for you across the miles and even tho we don't even know each other. What an amazing spirit your daughter has - I can see why all the care providers enjoy her.

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esther dancing around to Trust God in the video is SUPER-CUTE! :) I hope they get her medicine straightened out so she can continue to be happy.

  4. Love this! She's so stinking' cute! Praying for you.

  5. I love the video of Esther singing - she encouraged my heart!
    love you guys-