Monday, September 17, 2012

Waiting It Out

We made it to the floor LATE last night and were greeted by several familiar faces.  My heart is growing so fond of these nurses.  The nurses we know all eagerly stopped by to say hi to Esther and see how it's going.  I feel loved here and that certainly helps make the stay better.

We watched a lot of TV this morning, my eyes were burning with the lack of sleep and Esther was pretty low key.  She took a long nap this afternoon and a friend brought us a delicious dinner.

Esther's counts came up pretty well today.  Her ANC was 10 last night and this morning it was 43, this is a great jump!  At this point we need to have 48 hours from the time of admit for her blood culture to be complete, her ANC rising and over 100, and 24 hours fever free.  Tonight before bed she was running another fever 100.8.  Esther also has another cold and is in isolation.  Please pay Esther to get well quickly and wisdom on how to avoid these colds.

We'll see, the earliest she could go home is Tuesday about 8pm.  Wednesday we meet with a surgeon to discuss her surgery, which is scheduled for October 1st.  So, we'll see.  Either way, this is shaping up to be a quicker hospital stay than in the past.

Pray for her fever to stay away and for counts to rise!  I am going to bed, the 3ish hours I got last night are catching up as my head is bobbing.  Again, sorry for the typos and if nothing makes sense.  Good night!

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