Thursday, September 5, 2013

EEEEEK! Scans are next week!

I called the clinic this afternoon to check on a tentative date for Esther's scans and found out they are next week.  Maybe it's better to be last minute because I don't have as much time to freak out.  After the scheduler called to give me the details, I felt.

Esther will still have monthly check ups and scans every three months to monitor her closely, but could this really be finished?

We would covet your prayers for Esther to be cancer free.  Forever.

Tuesday will be an audiology appointment and CT Scan, Wednesday an MIBG scan, and Thursday bone marrow biopsies.  We should have the CT and MIBG results fairly quickly, the marrow takes a little more time.  She should also have a cardiology and pulmonary appointments at some point.  Hopefully we'll get to see some of our nwruse and Brent's Place friends.


  1. Esther and all of you are always in my prayers and good thoughts. I'm holding you all close in my heart that it's nothing but good news from here on out!

  2. Cute pigtails on a cute girl! :) Hey, I'll be praying for her scans! Wow, you guys! I bet the waiting on those will be INTENSE, so I'll be praying epically for everyone!

  3. Sending prayers for a week filled with happy news!! Tompkins Family :)