Friday, May 25, 2012


Hearts are won each night with story,
Children sprawled across the stage,
Mystery, wonder, fear and glory
Found at tender age.

A father's time, his words, his touch
with fiction, prose, and song
Hearts won each night with such
Lessons learned as Truth and right and wrong.

A battle for my heart is fought
Each night with lessons taught
And reprieve found in a Fathers grace
For my children's lives and mine.

Hearts are won each night with story
Tender love displayed.
Thank you Lord for Your gift,
A father who gives You glory.  


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Great picture!!!!! Lovely poem! :)

  2. Did you write this poem or is it a song? Can I put it on my blog with credit to you?

    Praying for your little Esther. Found you through the Papac family who we knew many years ago.

    Jill Farris