Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For the classroom of children taken hostage and the seven killed

Around 35 children are diagnosed with cancer each day and today, 7 died. Including our friend, Justin. Our government's funding and value on the lives of these precious children is embarassing, no, heartbreaking to me. Today is Truth 365's kick off campaign to make these voices heard. Watch this video and join me in making sure Esther, and the kids diagnosed today, and cries of the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends of the boys and girls who died today have a loud and present voice in the hearts and minds of the people elected to cause benefit to the citizens, the children, of this country. Thank you.



  1. Great Post! Thanks, will pass it on! <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this video and website - what a great way to make others aware!
    Sara Anne Tompkins

  3. Hey Sam! Thanks for sharing! I also looked at the National Cancer Institute's funding page and searched under 'research topic' and selected 'childhood cancer.' You're right, the funding is there, but some individual cancer categories receive more funding than the entire category of childhood cancer. I'll sign the petition! Thanks again!