Saturday, June 28, 2014

Would you join us at Kids Cure?

It's the time of year again to join our family in supporting Brent's Place at the 2014 Kids Cure.
Here's the top 10 reasons you should join or donate to our Kids Cure team:

10. You'll be with our family and get to see Esther, head full of brown curly hair!
 9.  Exercise is good for you.
 8.  Pancakes!
 7.  You might get to have ice cream WITH your pancakes.
 6.  Team Esther swag.
 5.  We will introduce you to our loved Brent's Place staff members.
 4.  It's on a Saturday this year.
 3.  It's fun!
 2.  Great activities after the race.
 1.  Supporting Brent's Place...we've written many times what a gift Brent's Place has been to our family.  We were given a home, friendship, and support.  We were given time together as a family. We were given love.  From the day we checked in, to the day we turned in our keys, we were loved.  It is a worthy cause making a significant difference in the lives of families who have a deep need for care.

They've changed things up a bit this year making it a Fun Run/Walk and registration is FREE! There will be a pancake breakfast and lots of fun activities as well.

Saturday, July 26th at 9am
Anchutz Medical Campus

We activated TEAM ESTHER, so join our team or make a donation.  When you register, just choose "TEAM ESTHER" in the drop down menu.  The kids and I are planning a change drive.  Meaning, we'll drive to your house and collect your loose change if you've got some to spare.  Every bit helps!

Here's a few recent pictures.  Esther is doing well!  Her next scans will be at the end of August, and for now, we're pursuing hearing aids.  One of the chemos she had causes hearing loss, but she's handling the hearing aids well.  

Esther's reaction to sound with her hearing aids
was clear.  Her face shows they help!
Striking a pose in her Easter dress.

Sisters with their Huggable Hope Dolls.

At Frannie and Lydia's Birthday Party



  1. Sam, the Buckley clan will be there!!! I CANNOT wait to see you guys!!

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