Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The first summer in two years

The previous two summers were distracted by cancer and the treatment that went along.  We had to nearly always say "no" to the adventures brought by warm air. We worked hard to catch up and finish our school year last spring in anticipation of a summer of yeses.  Here are a few glimpses of our first summer in two years.

Lost Teeth

Played baseball

Turned Eight

Stayed cool

Went to Glenwood Springs

Celebrated...SURPRISE Dad!!!

Played with dollies, mostly Sofia the First

Took the MAX bus to City Park for the 4th

Ate broccoli

Got pneumonia...then Zinnia...then Esther....

50 miles for each clothespin...4,020 miles of clothespins

Saw an outdoor concert.  Took Selfies.


Swam in the Umpqua River

Slack Line

Ate Pizza...and lots of other goodies

Went to Battery Kinzie, a WWI and WWII bunker

Saw a light house

Put our feet in the Pacific Ocean

Admired Esther's Curls

Went to Mariner's Game

Took a ferry

To a beautiful island with giant leaves, gorgeous views, and gross slugs.

Were flower girls and a handsome young usher

Saw far away friends

Grew some vegetables

Donated hair


Began a new school year

The summer days have wound down and we are once again busy with school.  We are thankful for a cancer free summer without the "no's" it's treatment brings.


  1. Yahoo!! Praying for clean scans!

  2. Whoo! You guys were busy! Praise God for living life to the full & a fun summer!

  3. I love that you got to say YES this summer!