Saturday, June 6, 2015

A perfect day to turn nine

Oh...these sweet, tiny babies...

Here they are, one day old.  Lydia on the left was just 4 lbs 15 oz and Frannie, the only time she's ever been bigger than her sister, at 5 lbs 8oz, on the right.  

What a telling photo of these two treasures.  Lydia, calm, peaceful, patient.  Frannie, full of passion. 

Tonight we had a small party and look at these beautiful young ladies now.  

Lydia is still calm, peaceful, and patient.  This girl was delighted to receive a wide brimmed hat and a parasol.  

Frannie is still passionate.  Here she is both aware, but blissfully ignorant, of her charm.  Delighting all of us with her joy. We named her "Francesca" because we prayed she would live a life of freedom.  Her name is so fitting.   

Today was a perfect day to turn 9.  

After coffee cake for breakfast, they enjoyed a special date with Daddy.  A trip to the CSU flower gardens and lunch at Bisetti's.  Ravioli's for Lydia and Spagetti with meatballs for Frannie.  They enjoyed their first bites of creme brulee.  

A bright, vibrant cake for our budding artist.

 And a simple, sweet cake for Lydia.  We named Lydia after the generous caretaker, "Lydia" of the Bible.  We've prayed she will care for and serve others with her time and talents.   She has learned to sew.  In fact, the dress she is wearing was stitched by her with her own machine.  Her name means "beautiful light".  Isn't she?

 Along with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, we are thankful that both Esther and my dad are here tonight, cancer free.  A simple picture with stunning significance.

God provided spectacular decoration for the perfect day to turn nine.


  1. Beautiful girls - happy birthday to them both!

  2. Happy Birthday, Frannie and Lydia! :) Sam, you have such great pictures!

  3. What a beautiful celebration of two of God's masterpieces. Your stories never fail to put a lump in my throat. Love your thankful heart and perspective on life, and I'm sure it's contagious. :-)