Friday, July 29, 2016

Almost half way!

Tomorrow is the 2016 Kid's Cure Fun Run!  We are so excited and AMAZED at how far we've come toward our goal.  We are almost half way to our fundraising goal and about 1/3 of the way to our team member goal.

 I finished up the t-shirts today!  Purple for Brent's Place and Purple because it's the support color for neuroblastoma.

Here's the deal....I have two blue shirts left over from a couple years ago and two extra purple shirts from this year. For any $93 donation from now until tomorrow morning, we will send you one of these t-shirts!  All donations are of course welcome :).

Purple XL, Blue L, Purple L, and Blue youth L.  If we run out or you need a different size...I will make more, they will just be white :).

I can't wait to share pictures from our adventures in the morning!

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  1. Great job Guys! We love you and I just donated...sorry it took me so long!