Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eagerness & Anticipation

"Turn on lights?!" is the first thing I hear in the morning. A big grin with eager eyes meet me as Rourke says, "Christmas Tree...downstairs?". He jumps out of bed, "Go get Lydia & Frannie?". Such joy to start the day, we get dressed and head down stairs. All three run to the tree, "Turn it on, Mommy," Rourke asks with such hope. I am now understanding why parents have more fun during the Christmas season than their children. I pray that God would give my children this zeal, eagerness, and excitement about the ways of Him. We went out and let each child choose an ornament to put on the tree. Rourke chose a huge, heavy truck, Lydia got a purse and Frannie has an apple and a book. They each proudly hung their ornaments on the tree...it will be fun to give them all of their ornaments someday when they have their own Christmas tree.

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