Friday, January 21, 2011

Ant Rourke, Ant Lydia, Ant Francesca

Next week in school we are learning about I-i-insects and will be observing ants.  Our ants came yesterday, so we set up our ant hill and dumped them in our habitat.

Pretty much ever since then the kids have been staring at the ant hill.  I don't really like bugs and ants creep me out, but they are fascinating.  I was amazed at how delicate their bodies are yet how strong they are, that the sections of their bodies connect through sections that are so small they are difficult to see.

This morning they started to tunnel and I was trying to tell the kids how much work it is for the ants, that those ants are carrying pieces of sand nearly as big as them.

This was their application. 

After they used their mandibles to toss all of the pillows and couch cushions down the stairs they brought them all back up and put them away, then they asked if it was rest time because they were tired from being hard working ants. 


  1. Wow you are brave. I am terrified of ants!

  2. Hahaha!!!! I know I commented on Facebook, but I watched it again today! I also realized that playing ants is a great gross-motor & problem solving skills development activity! Yes, my HDFS-Nerd side coming out, but oh man, your pretend ants are sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!!! :) :) You seem to have so much fun teaching them & I think they have fun learning!

  3. This is so cute, what sweet, SMART kiddos they are!! Love you guys, thanks for sharing!! :) :)