Monday, April 15, 2013

Concerts, Snow, and Strangers in the Grocery Store

Sunday afternoon we made the trip down to Denver because our friend Katrina, and her friend, Benj Heard, were playing a special concert for the kids at Brent's Place. If you haven't had a chance to download her EP, it's free and so worth it! No pressure to tip, but if you do it, it's ALL being donated to Brent's Place. Here's the original details...
Esther was a bit star struck and didn't want to be in the picture.
She warmed up a bit later on

Benj is Katrina's writing partner and they also sing together. They were in town playing music from their duet, The Likes of Us, at a wedding, so it was a perfect opportunity to see Brent's. Last summer Benj was very kind to share a song he had written for a two year friend in his home state who had cancer. "Love is Here" is on his own EP, Without a Parachute. Both of these albums are also for free on Noisetrade.

The kids loved visiting and had a great time seeing some of the friends they have made there, including some of that good ol playground silliness that ended up with Rourke and Collin tormenting the girls. It was hard to keep a straight face because those boys were so good at it.

Esther had an appointment in Denver today. It took me an hour to drive 17 (mostly on the interstate) miles, so I decided to call and see if there was any way we would do the lab work, etc. locally in Ft. Collins. That worked out and we were able to see Mr. Buhwaandin (Brandon), Esther's favorite local phlebotomist. He is SO good with kids and has never done a bad poke.

This is Anthony's view in FTC...ours was much worse on I25

Well, the lab work worked out, but the results were a bit of a bummer. Esther's white count is pretty high right now indicating her body is fighting something, and there was still some issues in her urine. It's likely the UTI is still present. We have another appointment in Denver on Wednesday to redo the labs and see what's next. They don't want to start her at home meds until she's healthy enough, so we're delayed at least a few more days.

I just love how God works out circumstances. Because of the snow Esther and I ended up at the grocery store--she never goes to the grocery store. While I was checking out, we met the neatest stranger who is actually quite familiar with this road. He came up and told Esther he had to wear a blue mask like hers for a long time. I practically squealed "really?!" People usually stare with a raised eyebrow thinking that Esther is the one who will get them sick, especially now that her hair is growing back. have someone know what the blue mask is for was really cool.

Cody is three years out from a transplant following AML (leukemia). He had to have two transplants, the first one didn't work. His sister was the donor, but she was a bit too perfect match. His second transplant worked out better. So next time you see Cody at the JFK King Soopers, tell him hi. His treatment was in Denver, but at Pres. St. Luke's. It's great to see someone on the other side of all this!


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