Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got Bling?

For Christmas Lydia and Frannie received a longed for gift from their Uncle Booey (a nickname given by Frannie) and Aunt Lexi. A lunch date complete with an appointment to get their ears pierced!  Since Christmas time was a bit crazy, the date finally happened a little over a week ago.  Their cousin, Delaney, was also given this sweet gift.  Here's how it went down......

All three girls are very happy to have their ears pierced.  I do feel bad for lying to Frannie.  I told her over and over she didn't have to do it if she didn't want and she kept wavering back and forth, but it was kind of neat to see her realize she could do something that might hurt. "I did it!"

And hey, there is a perk to cancer...magic cream!  We use EMLA to numb Esther's port site before her butterfly needle goes in and Frannie and Lydia reaped the benefits of the supply I keep in my purse.  I wish I'd thought of it for Delaney, but it is neatly filed in the back pocket for when the next batch of girls turn six!

Speaking of bling...a friend of mine has organized a Lia Sophia fundraiser.  It's just in time for Mother's Day or Graduation gifts.  There is a great special this month...you can get 4 items HALF OFF when you buy two at regular price.  The 50% discount is applied to the MOST expensive pieces...not a bad deal.

You can order online until Saturday, April 13th, or if you're in Ft. Collins and want a fun girls night out or would like to see the pieces, the party is this Thursday.  Email me and I'll get you the details.  Here's the online ordering info...

You can get your Mother's Day, Graduation and Prom gifts online and 100% of the profits will be given to Esther's family. You can go to www.liasophia.com/melisa and click on 'browse our jewelry' and then input the hostess first name Esther and last name Alvarado. You can share this with your friends and family no matter where they live and we will ship the items to them. The monthly sale applies to this show as well, get up to 4 items at half off when you purchase 2 at regular price - the MOST expensive are half price.

They did it!


  1. Oh sweet - nice to know Emla works for that too (got a stash in my purse as well!).