Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me.

Well, Rosie and Wilma, you have been a great broviac. Really. There's been so many good times...IV hydration, TPN, chemo, stem cells, chimeric, dilaudid, IL-2, blood draws, and many other medicines. It has been great to do all of these things without Esther having to be poked again and again. You've had such an important job...delivering many medicines that have helped to save Esther. Thank you for all of that.

At first the flushes, cap changes, dressing changes were okay. Not a big deal. It has been annoying to have to wrap Esther in press and seal for the last 9 months of baths, but we can cope. After all, no relationship is perfect, and it's important to learn to appreciate and overlook even the difficult parts of a partner.

However, the last couple of months, things have gone down hill. Esther's skin is just not healing and this relationship has turned into pure torture. We've tried, really, a good effort. Lots of time to open air, gobs of Neosporin and Bacitracin, different tape, gauze, about 5 different kinds of dressings, other ways to keep you clean, tiny bandaids. It's just not working out.

So, I need to let you know, Monday at 3:30 pm, you're going in for surgery. Esther will need some prayer to remain healthy because Lydia and Anthony have been sick, that might delay this break up. Really, though, thank you for all you've done, it has been an important relationship, but we're over. Don't worry, Esther will still have her port and that will work fine for the next couple months. It's just time to move on to things like healthy skin, baths with splashes and bare skin, and swimming pools.




  1. Sam, you are so funny. Hooray for quick surgery (though I know it hasn't been fast enough!) Love you guys!

  2. Praying for an easy, agreeable break up. ;)