Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You want to see my tubies?

Esther's recovery yesterday went something like this....

In that soft, motherly tone, "Hi sweetie, how are you feeling?"

"Mmmmmm," she answered through groggy lips.

"Your tubies are all gone."

"I want to see!" Then she sat up and tore her hospital gown off as quick as possible. "Look, mommy, see. they are all gone."

From that moment she has asked every person she has encountered if they want to see her tubies. And she's had the same sweet declaration, "See, all gone!" I knew she would be happy to have it gone, but the relief and desire to make sure everyone knows it's gone has struck me as a mark of her patience, endurance, and strength.

Her surgery was quick. Afterward her surgeon, who also removed her tumor (and whom we really like), said central line removals are her favorite surgeries to do. it makes sense, she gets to take lines out of kids who aren't sick anymore. It is so neat to see the collective celebration of these huge milestones. We've had the same recovery nurse a few times now she was also giddy to be taking care of a girl who knew she wanted a purple slushy.

We have an appointment next Monday to start her last round of accutane and to discuss the end of treatment/final scans. Wow...there were many times this felt completely unreachable, but it's right around the corner.

We had so much fun flying kites in the street today. I'm looking forward to many more days like this!


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