Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Four Years Ago

Four years ago, while eating in the cafeteria at Children's Hospital in Denver, our friends sent us this picture.  Look at that sweet little girl.

This picture brought us great comfort as we awaited the answers from the biopsies being taken from her head.  The results were not what we had hoped, and Esther was diagnosed with cancer.  I remember the day vividly.  The doctor was wearing a light blue plaid shirt.

As we are now four years from that dreadful day, I find June 22 less sober.  I can breathe a little.  Even celebrate.  Esther is healthy.  We are still a family of 7.  When I made lunch for my kids while Esther was in the hospital and pulled out five plates, my stomach would be sick because I would need to put one away.  It was a visible reality that I might not be making lunch for five children.

But today, I make lunch for five!  A way we are celebrating Esther's health is with a big fundraiser for an organization that we dearly love, Brent's Place.   You can read all about our goal here, but I've made a few fun ways for you to join us;

  • Join Team Esther:    We are hoping for 109 Team members to represent each of the 109 days we lived at Brent's Place.  So far we're at WE NEED YOU!
  • Donate to Team Esther:  You can just donate the team or pick a fundraiser from the bar that says, "Would you like this donation to be credited to someone's fundraising page?" and give them a donation!  We have a team goal of raising 109 days worth of money for one family...over $10,000.  We can do it with your help!
  • Print out this Team Esther Flyer and collect donations in your 'hood or workplace.  

Thank you for loving us through Esther's journey, and I hope you can join us on July 30th at the Kids Cure!  

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  1. Sam, wow, what a journey you have been on! So awesome that you are using your experience to raise money for a great organization!