Saturday, May 28, 2016

109 people, $10,193, and Fun

Before your summer gets too busy, we would be so honored to have you join us  at one of our family's summer highlights, the Brent's Place Kids Cure fun run.

It is difficult to express the measure of love we feel for Brent's Place.  From time to time I whisper a prayer that God would bring us to Denver for the purpose of regularly supporting and caring for families at Brent's Place.  Here's a few blog posts to refresh your memories.

Moving Along, Breathing Deeply
"I called Anthony as we left and I couldn't even describe the facility to him because tears had taken over. If you could imagine a dream facility to delight children (and their families) enduring such a difficult road, this would be the place you would build."
Let us take care of you
"When I was checking in with Allen from Brent's Place he walked through the financial portion of staying here. Because of generous contributors to the foundation that supports Brent's Place, our stay is free. As I was talking with Allen about this and how amazing it is to be able to offer this facility to families at no charge he told me that right now is the time to "let us take care of you."
Only For the Brave
"Brent's place is a refuge for the parents, the brave kids fighting cancer, and their siblings. It is a place where they don't have to worry about getting sick or having a break down. A place for kids to be kids, to make friends, and for parents to not have to explain because they are understood."
We lived at Brent's Place, a home for immune compromised children and their families, for 109 days during Esther's cancer treatment.

We have a wild goal this year, and we will need LOTS of help to get there.

 109 team members and $10,193.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016
General's Park in Aurora, CO

We would like to have a team member for every day we lived at Brent's Place.  Would you be one of the 109 team members?!

Out of town?  That's okay!  Join the team, make a donation, share your fundraising page, and raise some money.  Then on July 30th, take a fun walk or hike.

Why 10,193?  The cost for one day's stay at Brent's Place is $93.  If every team member raises $93, we will raise enough to provide another family 109 days of safety, healing, and incredible support.

  • Join Team    We are hoping for 109 Team members to represent each of the 109 days we lived at Brent's Place.  So far we're at WE NEED YOU!
  • Donate to Team  You can just donate the team or pick a fundraiser from the bar that says, "Would you like this donation to be credited to someone's fundraising page?" and give them a donation!  We have a team goal of raising 109 days worth of money for one family...over $10,000.  We can do it with your help!
  • Print out this Team Esther Flyer and collect donations in your 'hood or workplace.  

The run is FUN for the whole family.  There's obstacles and dance parties, water fun, a pancake breakfast, and games to play after the run.  Check out this video!

Kids Cure for Cancer Recap from Studio Hippo on Vimeo.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!  It will be as much a gift to to us as it will be to the family whose stay we work together to provide.

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