Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I like strikethrough



The second one looks a lot better! Strikethrough is a good thing.

This morning held a beautiful greeting for a day to celebrate.  I filled out a survey about our experience in the radiation oncology department.  One of the questions was "What was the BEST part of your experience in the radiation oncology department?"  I wanted to write, "The sunrises."

If only a photo could depict the beauty of a sunrise.
She's still sleepy from the anesthesia, but was certain her hand print would be pink.

Her fingers moved a bit and made hearts. 
Could she be any more stunning?
 Look at that shadow from her hair!

Man, she is so cute and is gaining weight!
Almost a full kilo from last week!  


  1. guess i better get to work on her Huggable Hope Hair doll....it's gonna come in quick! LOVE her. love YOU, sami lee.

  2. She is radiant! All through this journey I have been touched by the beauty that radiates from her, especially those eyes. Clearly she is filled with God's abundant love. Congratulations on the final dose of radiation! I think I like that strike through too! Still praying for you all. <3

  3. Sam, she is beautiful! I am so excited to see you slowly coming out of all of this hospital and treatment life. I know there is a lot more, and a lot of prayer still needed, but some day soon I am praying life will be "normal" again. I remember driving home from the Nicu that last day and then being home...and feeling so WEIRD! But it was lovely. I love you guys!

  4. I'm happy you get to strikethrough radiation too. I'm proud of you, Esther! I'm proud of you both, Sam and Anthony! You are loved.

  5. Yay! Congratulations to you all! Glad she's done with radiation! :)