Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Story Time with Esther & A New Duct Tape

Last summer a friend of my aunt's gave Esther a knitted purple hippo and a book, "The Hiccupotamus."  This book is hilarious and has begun a funny habit. Esther "hics" all the time. Today as she was drifting off to her propofol induced sleep for her MIBG scan she was pretend hiccupping and then giggling at herself. This girl is a CRACK UP!

Well...she asks to read this book almost every night. She's even delighted our friends at Brent's Place with a new activity, "Storytime with Esther."

Monday evening she asked Miss Rachel to read the book.
A few minutes later, Mr. Allen had his turn.

Today she read it with Miss Bridget.
Look at that giggle!

She had a captive audience, hence the new activity, "Story Time with Esther." 

In an effort to see the mercies around's a few more fun discoveries over the last few days...

A princess on the red carpet with soft, fuzzy hair.
There was going to be an Oscar party at Brent's Place,
but because of the snow storm it was canceled.
Frannie, Lydia & Zinnia were here and Anthony came to
pick them up early to avoid the Sunday storm.
Zinnia said they had to leave because a "lizard" was coming.
We've always known Zinnia's a comedian.

Meals at Brent's Place are such a gift.
BBQ is just an complete unmerited bonus.

Now about that duct tape.  Yesterday when we were at the hospital there was all kinds of fun things to see in the parking garage and that's when it happened...  

This is neither our car nor my driving skills.  Only those experience with applying this water barrier over central lines and other dressings that can't get wet during a shower or bath will fully appreciate this new duct tape.  Next time you get a hole in your tail light or window, find a nurse and ask for some aquagaurd. 

Finally...for all of you's an example of "lizard" aerodynamics in a parking garage.  

I wish I could've seen these drifts forming. It makes me
want to know more about the aerodynamics of this car.
Okay...I'm a nerd, it's okay...snort.

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