Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Whisps and Rocket Ships

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my cancer to go away.

Thank you for my hair to grow back.

Thank you for my eyelashes and my eyebrows.

Please keep my brother and my sisters safe.

Please help Zinnia to feel better and for Frannie to feel better and for me to not get a cold.

Thank you for mommy to not get a cold too.

Thank you for my nurses and my doctors to help me get better.

Thank you for my friends and the grown up hospital.

Thank you for Papa and Boden and Taylor to get better.

Thank you for Thomas' cancer is all gone.

Nigh, night, Jesus.

I love you, Jesus.

Amen, Jesus.

Esther's prayers are sweet, this was tonight. We've tried to teach our kids to come to the Lord with thanksgiving rather than just need. I love the way she expresses faith through gratitude and expectancy. I have learned so much about childlike faith through Esther's life and her prayers. She is faithful to pray for her care givers, friends, and other little fighters we've met along the way. Something can be learned by her prayers.

There are whisps shining in the light
Esther's eyelashes are longer than they've been since June! Her eyebrows are starting to grow back too.
She is looking healthier each day!

Once again we have been so blessed by Brent's Place! When I wrote about Rourke's birthday coming up, Allen went into action to make sure Rourke would have a cake. The same yummy, amazing, delicious bakery made Zinnia & Esther's birthday cakes, D Bar. Allen picked the perfect theme for our future astronaut and he even went the extra lightyear (since we're talking rocket ships & all) and picked it up and brought it to us on a Saturday.

8!? Happy Birthday, Big Man!

Zinnia still has a lingering cough, and Frannie is a little congested. They are getting better. Lydia has not displayed any cold symptoms but is still breaking out in hives. Rourke and Anthony have been fine. Today everyone came down for a quick lunch and birthday celebration. The kids wore masks just to be safe and we waved out Rourke's candles instead of blowing to avoid launching any germs into our bodies. We've passed this cold onto Robin's family, so prayers for quick healing for everyone would be great. Thankfully our kids actually like the taste of Kick Ass Immune, they call it "the stinky stuff" because they're getting regular doses of it and zinc.

We sang to Rourke and my favorite part is the background dancing. O how I love that little blondie!





  1. Oh the sweetness that comes out of the mouths of children. I'm so thankful to hear that everything is moving along so well. Praise to God for it all - such blessings! And Happy Birthday to Rourke too - he looks so excited about his great cake!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! So sweet! Yay for Eshter's hair growing back and her prayer just made me smile inside and out! Happy Birthday Mr. Astronaut Rourke! :)

  3. 8???? No way! =D
    -Christy Aspinwall

  4. Great waving guys! Happy birthday Rourke!
    Prayer from Kaeli tonight "Thank you Jesus Esther cancer go away and never come back. And Aly cancer never come back. And thank you Esther not get sick any more, and light get all the cancer gone and Esther eats lot of yummy food to grow strong again..."
    Lots of love your way. We will stay away as we have had the lingering cold thing too. Aly's got it and we don't have to go in anymore yay! but it will likely take a month to recover if not longer. Ohh T-cells grow, grow, grow! How's E's radiation going?

  5. I love you Sam ... God bless you and your family. God is good!