Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not bad so far!

Esther's even still eating a bit!
I hesitate to post an update. Esther has done pretty well today, just the usual, expected side effects. I have still been pretty uneasy, watching her breathing and blood pressures. She's had a couple fevers today, but they've gone down with tylenol and ibuprofen.

God is kind. He is ever kind. Even in bad side effects and struggle He is kind and good. I hope that is clear. God's kindness, goodness, and love is unwavering even if it doesn't feel that way or if circumstances don't go the way I'm hoping and asking Him for. My love for my children is the same...I love them and there are things they want that aren't necessarily good for them, the right timing, or they just may not be mature enough to handle them. My no to their request does not change my character toward them. At the same time, that no might just break their little hearts with confusion or disappointment. They might get angry at me. They might give me the cold shoulder or a dirty look. I get it, I do the same.

God is kind. Always. Going back to those VBS lessons from a year ago...no matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter what happens, no matter what people do, God is trustworthy. I don't want to be a woman who sings God's praises just when everything is going well. It's certainly easier when things are going well, but God is no less deserving when things aren't the way I'd choose.

At the same time, God has displayed great kindness today in giving Esther a day fairly pain free, one of her very her favorite nurses, Mr. Ricardo, and few difficult side effects.

God also has displayed great kindness as my dad had clean scans! This is wonderful news and big boost for my mom and dad. Thank you for praying. Would you also ask God to provide him a job? He has been unable to work for the 7 months, so this is a need and a big step in owning his recovery and living the rest of his cancer free, long life!

Here's a video of Esther playing today. Her goal for about an hour was to put these tiny animals onto this spinning thing so they would fly across the room. She did get beaned in the face once, but that didn't stop her. She just mastered the art of the flinch (in the second video...I don't know how to combine videos on an ipad...)

"The Flying Animal Flinch"


  1. Sweet girl! I praise God that He is LOVE and that does not react to me being more loveable or not; He simply LOVES me. Unconditionally. We love you guys, but not perfectly. Praise God HE loves you perfectly! Praying for you today.

  2. aaaaaaaw! She is looking great and I love her video of playing! My (briefly) pre-OT side says that is great she has a toy to push on to continue gaining strength while in bed. Mostly I am happy that you are so stalwart in your faith through this! Such an encouragement to see!