Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Ultimate Donut Day

Esther is feeling good! She's still a little tired and kinda skinny, but so much better than the weeks following her previous two antibody treatments. We are so thankful, it is such a relief and joy to see her running on her tip toes and making goofy faces.

We've been busy having lots of fun since taking our exit tour of the hospital last Friday.

My kids do know the days of the week...I promise. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Donut Day. Donut Day has been our Saturday morning tradition for about a year or so now. Anthony loads the kids up, in their jammies of course, and takes them to the donut shop for a special breakfast. To balance the meal, he usually makes sausage when they get home. The kids do their best to tip toe around while I get to sleep in a little. Donuts, sausage, extra sleep...am I spoiled or what?!

This donut day just kept going!

During the day we got to work with several special friends to make Huggable Hope Dolls. Robin was SO excited about how much was accomplished.

The workroom!
Embroidering faces
Cutting Station

Pressing Clothes

Stitching Away

This is my beautiful, creative, sweet sister, Robin with her loving creation.
My friend Lisa with the dolly she made. Lisa was with us when we found out we were having twins...both times! She was the one operating the ultrasound machine and has become a sweet friend.
Our friendsTiffany & Abby. Abby is a Leukemia survivor and a hero to Esther. It's neat for her to see a big girl who was walking this road at a very similar age. And as Esther is most excited for right now, "Abby's hair growed back!"
My Aunt Dee surprised us by coming with my grandma!
We'll have another work day in the coming months. For now, this was a GREAT start for Robin to be able to put together many dolls. Thank you to everyone who provided materials and gift cards to create these dolls as well as everyone who made it up to help sew. They are a beautiful, encouraging gift!

But...that wasn't all. Anthony's Aunt Margarita was in town this last week and she's a San Francisco Giants fan. Well....since the Giants happened to playing the Colorado Rockies, we decided to catch a game. It was Lydia, Frannie, Zinnia and Esther's first game...and the Rockies won! So much fun.

Esther had an appointment in Denver on Monday and everything looked great. So we have TWO WHOLE WEEKS at home with no trips to Denver! Frannie and Lydia's birthday is less than three weeks away, so we have a celebration to plan, school to finish, and flowers to plant. I can't wait!


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  1. Wow, what an amazing doll making party you had - such a gift! I'm so happy you have two whole weeks home, just wait until it's four, it's even more bliss. :) So glad things are going well - all praise to God for his merciful hand.