Thursday, May 2, 2013

That was a moment of faith....

Esther had an appointment yesterday where we dropped off her 24 hour urine collection that will take a couple days to process, so no news yet on her kidneys. She's feeling better, throwing up on and off, so she could use prayer to eat and gain weight.  We are scheduled to go in for her 3rd antibody treatment on May 14th.

Last month was Missions Month at our church.  The final Sunday they showed some videos of what God has done over the last year within our church community and through the world, specifically in Nepal where our church funds a children's home for orphaned children, keeping them from the nasty trades of trafficking and crime.

We didn't get to go to hear all the stories of God's kindness in Ft. Collins, but I'm sure it was encouraging! Our church body has been an incredibly support to us this last year with daily help like laundry, mopping our floors, and meals as well as have done some big, eventful things to help us, like helping to replace our floors (moving all of our furniture, tearing out old floors and coming back to move everything back in) and buying books for gas cards for all of the driving we do.  We are so thankful for this body of people who love Jesus and want to love like him.

They made a video about our family, and my favorite part is when Anthony talks about his moment of faith.  It wasn't anything big or crazy, but just a moment of coming to God honestly.  One friend warned a side effect of this video is leaking eyes, so you might want to grab something to deal with that....

Victorious Is Her Name: The Bravery of Esther Alvarado from Summitview Community Church on Vimeo.


  1. You don't know me but I heard about your family from a family friend who lives near you. I started reading your blog just before I started nursing school, I had planned on being a NICU nurse, but through reading your blog and a few others I have decided to become a pediatric oncology nurse. I think about your family every day that I am in school and at the hospital and pray for you. Your blog has inspired me to do even better than my best because children like Esther deserve the very best. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, and I thank you for your blog that has inspired me so much in the kind of nurse I want to me.

    1. Gretchen, this is so neat! Thank you for sharing. It takes a noble, loving heart to step into this journey. Our nurses have meant so much, thank you for choosing to love other families in this way too.

  2. Wonderful video capturing your family - still praying!