Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hoping for a better night's sleep.

Last night Esther did have a bit of a hard time as her blood pressures dropped. They gave her the allotted three fluid boluses. After a fit and some food, her blood pressure came back up, and she was able to finish the infusion. There's a plan to lower her pain meds tonight while she's sleeping to try to stay off those low blood pressures and keep going. I hoping to get to sleep quickly tonight because they are already pretty low and she's only 11 hours into the 20 hour infusion.

She's had a few fevers, one she even cried off because we had to change the dressing on her port. That is pretty painful for her as the dressing is very sticky on her skin and always leaves it a bit raw. Not as huge of a deal when it's coming off for good, but if the port is still being used, the site needs to be cleaned and the chloroprep used to clean the area stings.

Here's a picture of her puffy, puffy face and her "cwazy haywr." It's fun she has hair to be crazy.



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