Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seven, All Together

Today was Frannie and Lydia's seventh birthday.


While I don't remember much of the year they were six, I vividly remember the wonderful tea party we enjoyed to celebrate their six years here. Somehow the worry and stress of a growing lump on Esther's head has etched the details to my memory.

As I've thought about Frannie and Lydia turning seven, I've grieved the loss of the year they were six. But as I look at this collection of photos from a year ago I am so thankful Esther is here to celebrate with us as they turn seven.
Today was all about the cake.
Coffee Cake with the Happy Birthday song is our morning tradition.


The wonderful cakes Zinnia, Esther, and Rourke enjoyed while we were at Brent's Place were from a bakery that donates cakes to the kids staying there. Firstly, they are good. Like gooooooouuuuuud. Secondly, they are amazing creations. Thirdly, I wanted to eat a DBar cake again. And fourthly, Lydia and Frannie asked if they could have a special cake like everyone else. Of course we said yes, I mean it was a good reason to eat some really delicious cake.

Frannie requested a purple cowgirl cake and Lydia wanted a pink tea party cake with a pink lily. I called in their requests last week, and they turned out perfectly.






As Frannie and Lydia were getting ready to blow out the candles I was struck how perfect these cakes were for them as individuals. When we were choosing names for our kids were considered character traits we would desire to see our children possess. We choose Lydia largely because the Lydia of the Bible was so kind, thinking of others, delighting in hospitality. Her middle name is Ruth, also after Ruth of the Bible, that Lydia would be a faithful friend to the people God puts in her life.

Lydia is most pleased when she is helping others. She will often just come to me and ask what she can do to help. She asks to help her sisters all the time, getting them dressed, playing with them in the bath. She chose a tea party cake, that is sweet, inviting, and full of special little details. Lydia is in the details, making life special to those she interacts. She is thoughtful about the details, wishing to bless others. God is blessing that desire to see this character in her life.

Frannie's cake is perfect for her. She is loud and lives life honestly. There is no hiding her emotions and how she is feeling. Frannie feels every bit of life, her empathy is beautiful. Francesca means "free." Her middle name is Elizabeth, after John the Baptist's mom. The meaning we were encouraged by is "set apart." Frannie brings brightness, laughter, and honesty to our home. She is creative, feels every good or bad thing around her, and wants to be known, understood. I am excited to see what God has planned for this free bird.


It was a great night celebrating our two special girls. All together.

On to an Esther update...

Esther had a clinic appointment in Denver and she's doing well. She is feeling good with no real side effects so far. The biggest inconvenience is managing her IV lines, but I think she's handling it well.

She is having fun pushing her IV bag around in her stroller even with marker on her nose.

IV lines are quite the inconvenience when you're playing hide and seek.

Things are coming together with the house. The room is cleaned out and all the mold is gone. The plumbing is repaired. The leak was caused by a freeze from this last winter. The room is drying out now and should be ready to begin repairs next week while Esther is in the hospital. God is kind in his timing of this detail.



  1. Beautiful cakes. Beautiful children. Your kids have the sweetest smiles, and I am so happy for you for what God is doing in their lives. Your updates are always appreciated, and you are always in our prayers.

  2. Beautiful, indeed. What a wonderful celebration of life.