Monday, July 15, 2013

A really, really cool gift.

When we were at the hospital, in the PICU, four weeks ago, I left a DVD in the player in Esther's room. It was a very sweet gift to our family of the VBS songs/motions we missed at this year's VBS. And I left it!

Yesterday I headed down to the lost and found to see if it had been turned in, but it wasn't there. I thought I'd ask at the PICU incase they had their own stash of found items. The secretaries said they were sure they hadn't seen it, but they'd look. It wasn't there either. One of them asked which room we were in and miraculously, I remembered. Seriously, it is only because God wanted me to remember that I actually remembered. She said she'd check the player in the room because, "anything's possible." It was there!

The real gift came in this sweet, deja-vu moment.


If you've been following Esther's journey, you might remember her singing a different set of VBS songs last year.



What a grace this is to my heart. A sweet, sweet generous gift from a God who tosses unbelievable mercy and grace for us to daily discover. I am wooed to see Esther make so much progress in such a vivid display.

Esther has done pretty well today. Her pain is high and she's been cranky, but overall, no huge reactions. It was a treat to have Miss Rebecca take care of her today. For several of the higher powered medicines, the hospital requires two nurses to verify dosing as a safe guard. I do appreciate how many steps are taken to protect patient safety. There were lots of times Rebecca needed a second nurse to verify a dose, so we were able to see lots of other special nurses too! These nurses have also been really, really cool gifts.



  1. :) Thanks for sharing - what a lovely gift. Glad things are going pretty well. We'll just keep on praying.

  2. Love seeing this a year later! Praising God no matter what--God is so good. We are praying for you Esther!