Monday, July 15, 2013

The Firsts of the Lasts

The last week has held a few big milestones! These are the first of many lasts to come.

First...Esther's bone marrow is mostly recovered! This means she was able to stop taking three regular medicines...she is no longer taking any regular meds! She does still have some antibody related meds that she'll take over the next six to seven weeks I think.

One of the medicines is an antiviral drug that protects her from things like chicken pox. This is also one of the big reasons she has needed to wear the mask in really busy public areas and to the hospital. No need for it anymore either! No more mask! Yippee!

It was with relief I packed up to come check in for Esther's last stay. Last time to pack. Last. Time. To. PACK!!!! I very, very, very, VERY dislike packing.

This morning we checked in for Esther's final inpatient week. If my memory has any accuracy left, we have checked in to stay at the hospital 18 times if you count the day she got home and had to come back. Her stays have totaled somewhere between 20 and 22 weeks.

So far she's doing as expected. It seems like she's having a bit more pain this time, and it's probably our fault. We were so excited about the lack of regular meds, we forgot to start giving her a pain med that needs a little time to build in her system for it to help this week.

I have so many thoughts swirlling through my head, but for tonight, I'm beat and need to get to bed. So, here's a few specific things to pray for us this week:

  • Pray that God would direct the medicine to find and bind to any remaining cancer in her body and that her immune system would see and attack anything that has been hiding in her body.
  • Pray that this antibody therapy would be like Jehu.
  • Pray for protection from allergic reactions to a shot she's getting to rev up her immune system. It's a localized reaction right now, but could turn systemic.
  • Her blood pressure is running a little low, and her heart rate is pretty high. Pray her vital signs would remain stable and for no breathing issues.
  • Last night Esther said she was happy to come to the hospital so she could see some of her "nwurses." We are going to miss them lots and it would be awesome to get to see those who have been especially dear to our hearts.



  1. Praying must feel so wonderful to be in the home stretch.

  2. We're praying for everyone! Praying that the Lord directs the future to include being able to see you guys more, Esther being well, and enjoying the everyday blessings from the Lord with you guys as our neighbors and friends.

  3. Praise the Lord! This is so thrilling! Keep praying and trusting, now that you have tasted how sweet are the blessings of our God.

  4. The last! That is awesome Sam! I got to see your other sweet kiddos this morning at Robin's and they are just so sweet. Zinnia and Micah had a blast playing...they were "fishing" with sticks and string. I love your family. So glad that the hospitals and masks and medicines are coming to an end. Love you friend! I am praying.