Thursday, July 18, 2013

Getting Excited Around Here

It's been neat to see how excited the nurses are that this is Esther's last inpatient treatment. What a huge accomplishment she's making. Several nurses have stopped by to tell her that they are proud of her "strong work" and that they'll miss her, but are so happy she's finishing. One nurse said, "I don't think there has ever been an "Esther," and I don't know if there will be again." God has given Esther a gentle and sweet disposition, and He has answered my request many times over that He would "keep her sweet."

Her pain was better today. She did spike a fever, but that is expected. I was surprised it didn't happen sooner. One of the highlights of the day was walking the halls. She said she liked walking, but I'm pretty sure she was just looking for Mr. Ricardo as she recounted, several times over, where we saw him in the hallways. Silly girl. She had fun with Miss Rebecca again today. It's a treat to be able to see many of the nurses we've had over the last year.

She did stay up until nearly midnight...crazy girl! She was coloring pictures, checking out her glow in the dark beads of courage beads, singing, and talking to a couple nurses. A volunteer brought her a barn and some farm animals that we played with all. day. long. I think I'm good on playing farm for a while. At bedtime she asked if she could sing a night night song to them. She did, but it lasted for over 3 minutes...stalling anyone?! She passed out for a couple hours in the late afternoon, that was a bad idea, hopefully she won't be too cranky tomorrow.

Thank you for praying for Esther this week. I wanted to ask that you would also pray for a little 4 year old boy, Isaiah, we met when we were at Brent's Place. He has leukemia and finished his first transplant right before Esther had hers. Unfortunately he relapsed and is now going to have another transplant at about 11am, MST, Thursday the 18th. I think he is going to have an actual bone marrow transplant rather than a stem cell transplant as they are being as aggressive as they can to cure his body.


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  1. Glad Esther is doing so well - praise God! Will pray for little Isaiah, how scary for his family.