Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little fundraiser

Today has been a nice, low key day. We watched some rhythmic gymnastics this morning. The girls tried to strut in like the gymnasts strut onto the floor, Frannie's got the shoulder swagger for it. Zinnia had the best face. The thing about the olympics is they need to put the regular gymnastics and swimming the second's just not as exciting to watch syncronized swimming and rhythimic gymnastics after the excitement of perfect vaults and hundreth of a second races in the water.


Frannie has a Lil' Expressions
bag with her name and a character
that looks like her.
A friend of ours is hosting a fundraiser for Esther's care. Such a sweet gesture. She sells 31 bags & gifts and they have a fundraising option. We have lots of these bags and I really like them. A couple of my favorites are the thermal tote & the Large Utility Tote. The thermal tote is great for an insulated lunch bag that has a lot of room for a small bag. The large utility tote is my very is a big, strong bag, but it folds flat and is easy to store. The kids each have an all-in-one organizer that is their library bag and the girls all have a cinch sac with their names embroidered on them. Several friends have the Skirt Purse. The fun thing about the purse is that it has lots of covers you can change, but keep the inside bag intact.


Lydia's Lil' Expressions Bag with her name
Anyway, Shanole already hosted one of these fundraisers, but there were a few people who wanted to order but didn't get a chance and we thought this was a good way to let others join the fun.

So, if you're looking for some fun gifts or something for yourself, take a look. There is a special this month. For every $31 purchase you can get something from the new Spirit Collection for 50% off. This is a collection geared toward schools and sports. You can personalize any item with embroidery and a few icons for only $5. You can download the specials here. Like I said before, I really like the Large Utility Tote. The Picnic Thermal is great too, I can pack lunch in square plastic lunch trays for all of us in this thermal tote. Pretty much, I like all of the bags :).

  1. Go to Shanole's 31 site:
  2. Click on "My Parties"
  3. Select "Esther's Fundraiser Part 2"
  4. You can order until next Tuesday, August 14th.

Esther loves this pink organizing utility tote and we've used it to bring toys and overnight gear to the hospital. She has put all of her hats into her brown mini retro metro bag.