Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Round 3 Begins

Esther was SO BRAVE!  She didn't fuss or cry or even wiggle when the nurse accessed her port.  Now the goal is to lose some of the fear about taking it out.

It was a long day and hospital time has a new meaning.  We arrived at 9:30am, but didn't start chemo until 4:45pm.  This chemo needs an hour of fluids beforehand, two hours of chemo, and then six hours of fluids to follow.  She has to pee at least every 4 hours, so that's annoying.  Pray for rest.  Also, I'm feeling a little tickle in my throat and it's my peak allergy season, so who knows.  Pray that I would stay healthy.

The nice part about the day is that Anthony came down with us.  He worked a bit, we all ate lunch downstairs during our waiting time, and it was just nice for him to meet some of the new friends we've made here.  Esther is apparently famous on the infusion floor.  As we walked by one of the BMT nurses told her "hi" and another nurse said, "Wait, is this the Esther.  I keep hearing about how cute that little Esther is."  She's pretty cute.

This week as we do chemo, pray for Esther to not be too sick and for her nausea meds to be enough.  Also, I'm hoping to do some school planning, so please pray for wisdom and peace as I think about schooling the other kids amidst chemo craziness.  Anthony's Aunt Margarita is back for a visit, so pray for the two of them to have fun with the other kiddos this week.

Overall, we're peaceful and prepared for the week and really thankful to be on the 8th floor again.  It's far more peaceful, bright, and quiet up here.  The best part is that you can see out the window.  Tonight's sunset was pretty incredible. 


  1. Thinking of you, as always...

  2. You are being held in the palm of HIs hand (Isaiah 49:15). I am praying you can sleep tonight and Esther can remain vomit-free.