Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Weekend

Esther was able to come home yesterday! She has been doing pretty well with just a few throw ups. Tonight she even ate two bowls of "plain noodles" and about 1/2 cup of milk. We were reminded of those newborn days as we woke at 1am and 3am to give her medicine, but it did seem to help.

We have an appointment in Denver tomorrow for her growth factor shot to help her body make new white blood cells. There is a really stupid insurance rule (for all insurance policies) that you can not give the shot inpatient or on the day of discharge. They don't do it on Sundays, so we have to come back Monday. She had a lot of white blood cells left over from the growth factor for her stem cell collection, so its not a big deal. When we checked out of the hospital her ANC was over 10,000.

I just wrote "checked out." It is an odd feeling when the hospital rooms starts to feel like a normal environment...I can navigate in the dark and even had a dream about how I would redecorate. I think we've spend entirely too much time there.

This is what Esther wanted to do today. It was so cute, she asked to rider her bike and Rourke got out and ready for her while she got her shoes on. Pretty fun.

And a video if you can handle the bad camera skills...the iPad is a little awkward and the camera battery is MIA, still cute. All the kids enjoyed their bikes today, breakfast cooked by daddy, smoothies for lunch, and delicious spagetti for dinner.




  1. So glad you are home for a bit!! You guys are so encouraging and I love Esther on her bike. By the way, as we are thinking of middle names for a girl (if we were to get a girl) I thought of Esther...but Esther Messer doesn't sound too great : ) Love you all!