Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hope On The Other Side

We are headed home later today.  I'm a bit nervous to see how Esther's nausea goes without IV anti-nausea meds.  She threw up a lot yesterday, but was vomit free overnight until early this morning.  I'm putting into practice all of the tricks that helped me with pregnancy nausea...bagels, carnation instant breakfast, avoid water first thing in the morning, and I'm eager to get home to our ginger extract.  I forgot it this week.  It will be good to be home. 

Our friends, The Messers, have brought me a lot of courage and hope over the last couple of years and especially since Esther has been diagnosed.  Liz has been a constant pursuer and encourager of me.  Joe and Liz have walked through a couple of journeys that could crush any of us.  Their daughter, Micah, was born very early and spent two months in the NICU.  I'm sure Liz felt many of the same emotions I've felt along this journey, teetering between hope and trust and the real fear of not knowing if her little girl would survive. Then last year their son, Liam, went to be with the Lord, and the Messers were told they would not be able to have any more children.

Through all of this, Joe and Liz have been able to remain hopeful and have been encouragers. They were crushed but not destroyed and the hurt will always linger, but will not overwhelm.  Their struggle has been a comfort to me, that no matter what happens to Esther, there is hope on the other side.  They are wonderful parents and are eager to have more children, so they are pursuing adoption.  They are also doing an amazing fundraiser where you can win one of several really amazing prizes. 


Please take a minute to read their story and take a look at the giveaways you can win.  It's simple, for every $5 donation you get an entry toward the giveaway of your choice.  They are GOOD too, entire themed collections of amazing things, mostly handmade, for little girls & boys, your home, your family, and your style. You have until August 26th to participate in their adoption fundraiser. 

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  1. Wooo! :) That is cool that in the midst of your own trials, you write on your blog to help another family! I am glad Esther is going home later today! Mom and I are still praying for you!