Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drink, Drink, Drink

That pretty much sums up Esther's last couple of days. She's been fever free since Thursday night and her blood cultures have not grown anything. This means now we're just waiting for her counts to rise. Yesterday her ANC was 4.8, today they were 24. The doctor said that Esther could possibly go home tomorrow because there are lots of baby white blood cells. This is probably the case because the growth factor she's taking right now to produce stem cells also produces a lot of white blood cells.

So, we've just been drinking and trying to stay regular. Rourke is off building lean-tos and getting super dirty in the mountains with his cousin, so Anthony and the girls came down this morning. They watched a movie and then I took the girls to Chili's. It always kills me a bit when we go to Chili's because they always want macaroni and's Kraft. At Chili's a serving of mac & cheese cost $5. That's at least 400% profit because I'm pretty sure mac & cheese is less than a buck at the grocery store. Oh well, it was fun and I even let them drink sprite.

They are at Manga & Papa's house for the night and Anthony and I are here at the hospital. We went for a walk after dinner and it was so pleasant. The sunset was beautiful tonight, a treat to watch out the windows at the end of the hall. Esther taught daddy the drinking game with the pavers in the grassy greenspace in front of the hospital. She was darling jumping from stone to stone.




  1. Love you, Sam. Your girl looks so sweet and we are praying for her morning, noon and night. Read Psalm 31 and 32 yesterday and both were so encouraging, you should read them if you have a spare moment.

  2. Glad she's doing better :) Cute picture!