Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Burrito Bliss

We made it home tonight after a little adventure leaving the hospital. Esther's ANC went from 57 to 517 this morning, that's the ticket out! Her platelets were low and since she's prone to bloody noses, we went ahead and gave her a platelet infusion.

Her mouth sores are getting better. So much so that she ate two pieces of chocolate cake for dinner and more cake...I mean a chocolate muffin....for breakfast.

As we were leaving the hospital I met the dad and sister of another kiddo on the oncology floor. Anthony has a friend who told us to look out for a family he knew whose son has Leukemia. We chatted for a little while and then headed down toward the car. Before we got out of the hospital, I noticed a hive on Esther's forehead, so we turned around, went back up to the oncology floor and spent an extra hour and a half in the procedure room.

It is common to have reactions to the preservative they use for platelets, but Esther hasn't had one until today. Because we were discharged and you can't be seen in an outpatient setting the day of discharge they couldn't administer any meds unless we went to the ER. The alternative to the ER was for me to run down to Walgreens, buy some Benadryl, and then give it to her myself, so I did. They monitored her for an hour or so to make sure she didn't have any breathing problems, and off we went. I'm thankful we ran into that family because we talked for enough time I would've been in the car and may not have seen the hive. That was kind of God. In the future Esther will have to have Benadryl before any infusion to prevent another reaction.

We stopped to visit a friend spending a few weeks on bed rest at University Hospital (right next to Children's) before her baby is born. It turns out both she and Esther had a craving for Taco Bell. After we picked up Taco Bell I headed back to University Hospital and turned one street too soon. This glorious wrong turn ended in the Hallelujah Chorus! Right behind University Hospital on the ground floor of one of the medical school buildings is a BIG. CITY. BURRITO!

Friends, I am in burrito bliss. Chipotle and Big Dirty are right next to the hospital. These are my two favorite places to eat, I think I'll be enjoying some spicy Lupe on a potato burrito in the near future. I'm sure it won't be as delicious as the original Ft. Collins location, inspiring the nickname, "Big Dirty." Anyone whose enjoyed the deliciousness of a potato burrito after walking through that alley, standing in line outside because the waiting area is so small, and then accidentally leaning against the 800 bottles of hot sauce just before you order knows that there's something about the atmosphere that makes the burritos from the original location just better. Either way, I think I was as equally excited to come home as I was to discover Big City Burrito right by the hospital, maybe more, or not.... I think that exercise room at Brent's Place is going to come in handy!


  1. I still crave those potato burritos! Yum. So glad that you see God's blessings all around you.

  2. Hey! It's jennifer... the girl that you talked to at the marble display a month or so ago. (friends of the Fryes). I was just checking in on you & am so grateful & happy for you to take Ester home. I hope you had a special Thanksgiving & made some sweet memories as a family. I will continue to pray for you all!

  3. AMEN for Big Dirty! LOVE YOU!

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  5. Good to know that there is a Big City next to the hospital... it'll never be as good as the original though... cause the secret spice is stuck to the bottom of the pot! =)-

    Anyways, we are trying to follow your blog more and REALLY want to see you sometime (when our kids are healthy). Not that I want you to come down to the hospital, but maybe we could see you the next time you are here.