Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Tis the Season

It's November.

First VOTE!

Anthony and I just finished filling out our ballots and he'll drop them off tomorrow. We found this website helpful in learning about actual facts that aren't taken out of context or swayed, words directly from the candidates on issues, and voting records.

Second, be THANKFUL!

I've seen lots of month of November thankful posts. I'll join in on the fun here. Today my heart has been near to the Lang family. Ashley is a dear, dear friend of mine who just started a several day journey from Fort Collins to Alabama. She is a fellow twin momma who has been a source of encouragement, support, and care over the last several years. I am thankful for her smile, her character, her loving, thoughtful heart, her generousity, her support of her husband and love for her children, her hardworking, faithfulness, and her laugh. I got to drop of a little goodie bag for her this morning and get one more hug. Ashley, we all love you and will miss you terribly! You are one incredible woman and friend.

Third, Christmas Cards

We have been notorious for not getting Christmas cards out before Christmas. Once I sent them in February or March...I made them all, they just needed to be addressed. I can see why it's good to plan ahead, so here's a way you can do it! Several people have asked about the Christmas Cards fundraiser Esther's cute face is promoting. You can learn more about the project at or you can buy the cards in the gift shop at Children's hospital. They do have options for custom printing if you'd like to use them for your business.

You can see a few pictures of the ceremony on the Holiday Card Project Facebook page.


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