Friday, November 16, 2012

Guess she likes the ER

Anthony and Esther just left for Children's.  Esther had labs drawn yesterday morning, and her counts are really low.  For some reason, Esther likes the ER.  I thought it was just Sundays, but it must be the ER because she continues to spike a fever when the clinic is closed, like tonight (or this morning) at 3am.  Every time she spikes a fever I question if she really has one.  Is it really over 101?  Is our thermometer accurate?  Is it just because she has on a hat?  Then I remember the little comments here and there....

"When they don't have any white cells, sometimes we only get a little blip of a fever to indicate a greater infection."

"I was just taking care of a kid who delayed to call with their fever, they just were admitted to a regular floor after a three week stay in the ICU."

It is so much better to be safe and hey, we prayed for her fever to come sooner rather than later so that hopefully we can be home, together, for Thanksgiving.

She was very, very cute when they left.  Her head has been cold, so she's been sleeping in hats.  Combined with her cute little voice and this ensemble, you pretty much want to squeeze her forever.

Anthony decided to go in and will stay the weekend with Esther.  He's got to have his own ER induction.  As they were leaving Esther was a jumble of thoughts, she was giving herself a pep talk about magic cream, that it won't hurt when she gets her butterfly in, that it's dark outside, that daddy's going to stay, and her new princess chapstick.  

Esther has a runny nose and sounds like she might be getting a cold.  Pray she would heal quickly and that those counts would come up fast so we can spend Thanksgiving together.

Tonight...or this morning, I am thankful for Esther's sweet voice and kids who put on a good dance party.


  1. Praying that she heals quickly and you can spend thanksgiving together. Much love.

  2. Mom loves the videos of all the kids!! :)