Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 2nd and 3rd

Somehow in the midst of cancer it's difficult to choose just one thing to be thankful for each day. We have been shown such love and care! Yesterday was a busy day, I was thankful to be able to attend Classical Conversations with my older three children and for our friend, Kathy's, care for Zinnia and Esther. Kathy's grandchildren are going to be so loved and thoughtfully engaged. While we were at CC, our laundry was picked up and later that afternoon very kind woman came to clean my bathrooms. To top it off, we had a delicious, homemade meal delivered. It tasted like a snowy night, curled up in a soft blanket, fresh out of the dryer with a cup of cider. Our meal even featured balloons for each of the children, which they've played with all day today. The kids were so excited that it was a gift for them too. Thank you!

I have not written nearly as many thank you notes as I'd like. We are so thankful for all of the meals given to us over the last five months. They have nourished our bodies and our hearts. Thank you for showing us with food, we feel so loved.

Today brought a restful morning for me while Anthony took care of the children, a date with Lydia and tonight a date with Anthony. Today is also my cousin's birthday. He and his wife have been such supports to us, even from far, far away. I am thankful for their lives, Happy Birthday Darnell!

Tonight I'm also thankful for cowlicks. While I know these little hairs will again fall out, it's so nice to see this little swirl that will plague my daughter for years to come.

Next week brings a CT to make sure Esther's intestinal inflammation is gone and if all looks well, she'll being her last (again) round of regular chemo on Wednesday. It is a three day infusion but she needs lots of hydration, so last time it took 4 days.

For now, back to that date...


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